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Building your eCommerce Store with TradingEye couldn't be any easier!

Site builder:

Simply log in to your online admin, and add as many departments, products, and articles as you want, whenever you want. These will all be added in an instant to your site and will  automatically be styled using your store design. Nothing could be easier to set up your site and structure quickly.

Content Management System (CMS):

Within each department, product, and article you are in complete control of the text, images, videos as well as the look and layout of those pages. The system is simple to use, much like any document editor. Just click, type and save. Managing your content has never been easier.

Shopping platform:

Your customers can search for and buy anything they want using a simple 1 page checkout. If they decide to sign up, they have a customer account and history, they can leave comments on products, or have a wish list or comparison list. You can keep them informed with a newsletter or promotions. Everything to run an online business has been thought of and is already there. All you need to do is add products and immediately start selling. We have a number of integrated payment gateways that will deal with the transaction securely and pass the funds to your account. You can view and track your orders. You can view and download reports. And you can use all the other functions of TradingEye to manage and grow your business. In simple terms, this means sales!

Product List

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