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Marketing your store with TradingEye!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

TradingEye was built with SEO at its core. Some sites will have global SEO. That is, a list of keywords and meta tags that are used for all the pages of your site, and referenced with search engines. With TradingEye you can tailor all the SEO on every page, article, department and product! This means you can capture a far bigger audience, and with regular blog updates and promotions, create a real buzz around your products.

Newsletter and Marketing

All your customers information is securely stored online and is available for you to market and promote to. You can send out regular information about your company, special promotions, and even specifically target groups of customers. No need for other programs, or paid marketing. Everything is here for you to make the most of your business.


There are loads of quick and simple options to use for specific customer promotions. From free postage to discount codes, all the way to member loyalty point schemes. In conjunction with your marketing lead lists and newsletters you can track the success of each promotion and really push all parts of your business.

eBay and Google feeds

As well as having a successful site, you can also push your products to already exsiting systems out there. The eBay and Google feeds mean you can instantly reach millions more users with no extra hassle.

Product List

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