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See what retailers, designers and developers have to say about TradingEye and the team.

John Hicks - The Rissington Podcast

Tradingeye is a good XHTML and CSS solution. It's really got a lot of options and a lot of merchant possibilities.

Andy Clarke - Stuff and Nonsense

Finally designers and developers have what they want: a standards-based, highly accessible and professional ecommerce solution that has fewer limitations than anything we have seen so far.

Jim Byrne - GAWDS

Dpivision are to be applauded for demonstrating that an e-commerce website can look great and be accessible.

They have clearly put a lot of work and effort into trying to ensure potential customers are not locked out from the online shopping experience - which is a lesson for other vendors in the market.

Dale Green - Flybe

There was the option to develop and host this site in-house at Flybe. However, the service provided by Tradingeye and the assistance they provided in getting the best hosting arrangements for the site made it a cost-effective option to outsource it. The flexibility in the product and the terms of the arrangement have made this a very good option. The team at Tradingeye have always been available and keen to help and they have responded quickly to all of Flybe's requests including - oftentimes at short notice- turnaround of changes and customisations. Once the concept was agreed at Flybe, the Marketing department needed to move very quickly and Tradingeye was instrumental in making this happen. The high-availability of the site was also a very important consideration, as we wanted to ensure our customers enjoy a conveniently efficient, trouble-free and user-friendly shopping experience!.

Mel Pedley - Black Widow Web Design Ltd & GAWDS Admin

Tradingeye is one of the very few shopping carts that produces valid, accessible, markup and yet doesn't demand that shop owners have technical skills.

From a developer's point of view, Tradingeye is a dream to set up. We had a basic site design up and running within a few hours and completely re-skinned it within a day. Non-technical users require only minimal training followed by some basic practice in order to start populating and managing their online shop.

The system is very responsive and produces very clean, valid and accessible, mark-up. The administration menu is intuitive and the associated documentation sufficiently comprehensive that additional support is rarely needed once the shop is up and running. That said, when we did require support, Tradingeye responded almost immediately and any outstanding issues were quickly resolved.

Now that we have tried Tradingeye out for ourselves, we will be automatically recommending it to all of our ecommerce clients.

Andy Pimlett - Evodesign

Choosing which technologies to invest in as a web developer can be a gamble. There simply aren't the resources to try every conceivable option; at some point a decision must be made. The friendly, skilled and rapid response of dpivision.com Ltd in relation to their products and services coupled with a vibrant and helpful user community go a long way in establishing confidence. This kind of support is worth its weight in gold when your client's business is dependent on the infrastructure you are providing.

Greg Kirk - WPA Pinfold

The beauty of Tradingeye is the freedom the system gives you. So often when I'm using other e-commerce packages I have to comply to some style rules or I'm restricted with some sort of template. With Trdaingeye everything is customisable and it is also relatively straightforward to do so. The other beauty of Trdaingeye is that all the code generated is "nice code" no tables here. I've worked on several sites that utilise Tradingeye over the last few months and the help from the support team has been excellent and there is a growing community building up on the forum.

Aarron Walter - Aaron Walter

We looked at a lot of different ecommerce apps, but found all of them offered a poor feature set or the template system was too complex to easily integrate our design.

Tradingeye.com provided us with the features and design flexibility to create a site that is catching our customers attention and converting sales.

Richard Counsell - VideoDirect

Video Direct is a wholesale provider of online video adverts for resellers including web developers and publishers.

With over 1,000 resellers now offering affordable online video to their clients, we needed to build a cost effective admin system that reduced our production costs and created profit for our sales partners.

Tradingeye has been instrumental in the success of Video Direct by being both easy to use and scalable and I cannot recommend it and the team at Dpivision.com highly enough.

Timothy Smith - Creative Infusion

Katzi needed a site to showcase their wholesale jewellery, maximise their exposure from features in print media, and provide an online retail arm to sell some of their limited edition designs.

We've been very pleased with just how flexible Tradingeye has proved to be - with imaginative use of its templates and features and a few easy-to-make tweaks to the code, we were able to meet Katzi's design requirements, and provide a CMS as well as a full e-commerce solution.

Best of all, Katzi are delighted with the result.

Peter Chubbock - Web House Publishing

I just wanted to express my thanks for the work Loc has completed for me over the last couple of days.

He has responded quickly to any problems we have had, his work is excellent and a real credit to your company.

Support is one area we feel normally letdown, this cannot be said for your company.

Brady J. Frey - Bently Holdings

Ah, fantastic, I'll get that rolling. I look forward to using your product; I can't express how many years of life I've lost hacking the life out of CubeCart and Magento. It will be a pleasure to use a system that understands standards :)

Sarah Parmenter - You Know Who


AJ Silvers - Online Digital Coaching Ltd

Secondly, again from speaking with Stuart (who was excellent by the way, possibly the best support call I've ever had with a software vendor)

Rhydian Cole - CreatedbyUs

Tradingeye is a very impressive piece of kit. Already putting plans in place to offer more e-commerce sites in the very near future. Tradingeye makes it so easy. Perfect for everyone!

Euan Johnstone - Fly on the Wire Ltd

Lovely thanks! Glad to finally get the opportunity to work with your system! I hear lots of good thing.... :o)

Nick Roper - logical elements

This site went live about 20 mins ago - complete with custom development for interactive engraving specifications and previews, and additional back-office facilities to manage it.

Thanks to all at TE for the help and support in getting the site to launch.

Simon Scott - Voyager Systems Ltd

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all the help and support you have offered through our many queries and issues. I think tradingeye is a good value, solid product and so do our customers who use it on a day to day basis.

Danny Cassidy - DannyCassidy.net

I was initially attracted to Tradingeye because its accessibility/compliance features. As a web designer I'm a big fan of content management systems that output well structured, clean HTML and Tradingeye seemed to do this very well. From a functionality point of view Tradingeye's feature list offers incredible value for money. We also liked the idea of having a dedicated support team available if there should be any technical glitches along the way. Tradingeye packs some incredibly powerful features considering it's a reasonably priced off the shelf package and we're looking forward to exploring all its potential as our business grows and develops.

David Stewart - Redblugraphics.co.uk

The usability of Tradingeye impressed me right from the start and the online demos were very helpful, setting it apart from the competition.

Simon & Rachel - The Natural Remedy Company

Tradingeye was recommended to us by our web design company, FCS Websites. We wanted a system that is easy for us to use and Tradingeye has a great control panel. It was also important for our site to be visible to search engines and Tradingeye has good optimisation features and search engine friendly code.


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