Launching TradingEye V7.1.1 so what’s new?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Launching TradingEye V7.1.1 so what’s new?

We have just released our latest TradingEye version, which include new awesome features.

TradingEye has come along way since our earlier releases; in V7.1.1 we have completely rewritten the Payment Gateways, Postage and SEO systems. TradingEye is now fully equipped with the latest SEO technologies helping you to index your products in search engines.

Google Rich Snippets/Metadata is now included to help improve your rankings in Google and other search engines. You will be able to index your products with the correct information required to gain customer attention, allowing you to show off prices, reviews, short descriptions, images and much more.

The updated TradingEye version now includes a brand new installer and upgrading system, which allows for easy install and upgrades – no need for upgrade scripts anymore. If you are on our hosted package you will be automatically upgraded for free each time a new version is released.

TradingEye’s Appstore is growing, with a number of new plugins and themes coming this year. We are making TradingEye one of the easiest eCommerce Platforms to use. With new Payment Gateways, Postage Methods, Live Chat Plugins, Customization plugins for example (Banner Manager, Tabs, eBay, and more sale channels) you will be able to quickly get online and start trading.

With the launch of TradingEye V7.1.1, we have released our new Website, Forum, Blog, Wiki and Support Centre.

TradingEye has also released its brand new SEO packages, which enables your business to rank onto the first page of Google and other search engines.

TradingEye SEO Packages Released!

TradingEye has just released its SEO Pricing for all our clients old and new!

With the great help of the TradingEye platform our team of SEO Gurus will be able to rank your Website, CMS or eCommerce on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Our SEO Gurus have worked in all sectors and can help rank any website which will increase sales and conversions. We will provide full comprehensive reporting and your own control panel so you can change your keywords or add services at anytime.

We have several packages which will suit any size website – be it a small family run business to the big corporate companies. If you can’t find a package to suit your website we will create a bespoke one for you. Still offering great SEO and Support.

Click here for our SEO Packages!

We provide a Site SEO Analyser which will help you pin point the problem areas of your website. We then work alongside you enabling your website to become SEO Friendly with better rankings.

We offer many SEO Services – Google Adwords, Bingads, Social Optimisation, and the creation of Social Networks, if you don’t have them already. Ensuring your onsite & offsite optimisation is the best it can be, and always being ahead of the latest Google Updates, which allows our clients to stay ahead of the game.

If you would like to discuss any of our SEO Packages, please feel free to call us on 0203 642 5878 or email us on

TradingEye V7.1.1 & Metadata/Schema

TradingEye V7.1.1 is just getting better and better, with the brand new release of TradingEye V7.1.1 we have included our brand new attributes system which will allow you to include, SKU, ASIN, ISBN, MPN, UPC, WIDTH, HEIGHT, DEPTH AND WEIGHT.

Below is what the new attributes system will look like, you can style the table below any way you would like via the CSS.

TradingEye Attributes System

Along with our brand new attributes system with have now included Metadata/Schema to make sure Google and other search engines can easily and quickly rank your home page, products and departments.

We have included Metadata to the whole of TradingEye, Google will now be able to pickup, Prices, Currency, Product Reviews, Product Attributes and much more. We have included what it will look like once Google has picked up the changes to your stores.


Merry Christmas from TradingEye!

Merry Christmas from everyone at TradingEye!

We wish you all a safe and happy time over the festive season.

During the festive season our offices will be closed but our Support Centre will be open to answer all your questions 24/7.

There are lots of new things coming to TradingEye in the New Year.

TradingEye V7.1.1 is also releasing soon!

We hope you have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best Regards,

The TradingEye Team

New TradingEye banners available to download!

We are delighted to announce the release of some nice new swanky banners for TradingEye which you can use on your site.

The banners come in a few different shapes and sizes and both come in two sets. One for businesses and one for web designers.

Do also stay tuned for our affiliate scheme which will be launching soon.


tradingeye_designer tradingeye-468x60b

tradingeye-300x250 tradingeye-250x125

TRADINGEYE tradingeye-125x125 tradingeye-234x60

Showcase: VisionAid


Tell us a little about your company?

VisionAid is a specialist in low vision aids and assistive technology for those who are partially sighted or affected by blindness.

We have a wide customer base which includes the elderly, business and education users as well as children too.

Our company motto is to ensure that we provide the best unbiased advice to our customers to ensure that they end up with the right product that is going to help them to maintain their independence and continue to carry out daily tasks such as reading letters, the newspaper and signing forms.

We pride ourselves on providing the widest range of products from the leading manufacturers alongside this we offer free no obligation demonstration which means that our customers are able to test a number of different products in an environment that is familiar to them – either their home or their place of work.

Our website is an ideal place for our customers to make a purchase but not only this they can find out information about the products that we offer and compare what products are available to suit their needs.

Why did you choose TradingEye as your eCommerce platform?

We were looking for a company that offered continual support once the website and eCommerce platform were built. Not only this with the user requirement continually changing we wanted to work with a company from the beginning that would be able to support the ever changing need of the consumer.

Could you please let us know about your project?

Our project involved the custom development of an eCommerce platform that was designed specifically for partially sighted users – there are a lot of important requirements that make their user experience as easy as possible and we wanted our website to offer these.

Do you have any future plans for the site?

We are planning on adding a blog and video gallery to the site and we are aiming to make the website a resource for those who are partially sighted or affected by blindness – we aim to add lots of information articles and information to help make living with a condition such as Macular Degeneration or Glaucoma a lot easier.

New TradingEye community forum

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a brand new community forum! New platform, new design, new features.

Based on myBB, the new TradingEye forum offers the community a great place to discuss all things TradingEye.

Our brand new community forum is opening soon as well as our brand new website which is launching this week!

TradingEye V7.1.1

TradingEye V7.1.1 is here! the most expected version of TradingEye has now arrived.

With lots of new features, patches and security enhancements TradingEye V7.1.1 is brings a brand new platform to our customers.

New Features:
WorldPay Onsite and Offsite Plugin
Skrill Enterprise
Banner Manager
Tabs Manager
Brand new Installer and upgrader
Mailchimp Plugin
Livechat Plugin
Google Analytics – eCommerce Tracking
Turn on/off countries
UPS Plugin
Added more themes
New Invoice Template

Plus much more.

More information on each new feature will be released shortly!

Welcome to TradingEye’s New Blog

eCommerce SAAS Platform

TradingEye’s New Blog, Forum, Wiki, Support Centre and Brand new website!

We are just around the corner on releasing our brand new version of TradingEye V7.1.1. With lots of new features and plugins. We just wanted to say welcome to our brand new blog.

More information on our brand new website, forum, wiki, support centre and blog coming soon.