Showcase: VisionAid


Tell us a little about your company?

VisionAid is a specialist in low vision aids and assistive technology for those who are partially sighted or affected by blindness.

We have a wide customer base which includes the elderly, business and education users as well as children too.

Our company motto is to ensure that we provide the best unbiased advice to our customers to ensure that they end up with the right product that is going to help them to maintain their independence and continue to carry out daily tasks such as reading letters, the newspaper and signing forms.

We pride ourselves on providing the widest range of products from the leading manufacturers alongside this we offer free no obligation demonstration which means that our customers are able to test a number of different products in an environment that is familiar to them – either their home or their place of work.

Our website is an ideal place for our customers to make a purchase but not only this they can find out information about the products that we offer and compare what products are available to suit their needs.

Why did you choose TradingEye as your eCommerce platform?

We were looking for a company that offered continual support once the website and eCommerce platform were built. Not only this with the user requirement continually changing we wanted to work with a company from the beginning that would be able to support the ever changing need of the consumer.

Could you please let us know about your project?

Our project involved the custom development of an eCommerce platform that was designed specifically for partially sighted users – there are a lot of important requirements that make their user experience as easy as possible and we wanted our website to offer these.

Do you have any future plans for the site?

We are planning on adding a blog and video gallery to the site and we are aiming to make the website a resource for those who are partially sighted or affected by blindness – we aim to add lots of information articles and information to help make living with a condition such as Macular Degeneration or Glaucoma a lot easier.