TradingEye V7.1.1 & Metadata/Schema

TradingEye V7.1.1 is just getting better and better, with the brand new release of TradingEye V7.1.1 we have included our brand new attributes system which will allow you to include, SKU, ASIN, ISBN, MPN, UPC, WIDTH, HEIGHT, DEPTH AND WEIGHT.

Below is what the new attributes system will look like, you can style the table below any way you would like via the CSS.

TradingEye Attributes System

Along with our brand new attributes system with have now included Metadata/Schema to make sure Google and other search engines can easily and quickly rank your home page, products and departments.

We have included Metadata to the whole of TradingEye, Google will now be able to pickup, Prices, Currency, Product Reviews, Product Attributes and much more. We have included what it will look like once Google has picked up the changes to your stores.