Launching TradingEye V7.1.1 so what’s new?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Launching TradingEye V7.1.1 so what’s new?

We have just released our latest TradingEye version, which include new awesome features.

TradingEye has come along way since our earlier releases; in V7.1.1 we have completely rewritten the Payment Gateways, Postage and SEO systems. TradingEye is now fully equipped with the latest SEO technologies helping you to index your products in search engines.

Google Rich Snippets/Metadata is now included to help improve your rankings in Google and other search engines. You will be able to index your products with the correct information required to gain customer attention, allowing you to show off prices, reviews, short descriptions, images and much more.

The updated TradingEye version now includes a brand new installer and upgrading system, which allows for easy install and upgrades – no need for upgrade scripts anymore. If you are on our hosted package you will be automatically upgraded for free each time a new version is released.

TradingEye’s Appstore is growing, with a number of new plugins and themes coming this year. We are making TradingEye one of the easiest eCommerce Platforms to use. With new Payment Gateways, Postage Methods, Live Chat Plugins, Customization plugins for example (Banner Manager, Tabs, eBay, and more sale channels) you will be able to quickly get online and start trading.

With the launch of TradingEye V7.1.1, we have released our new Website, Forum, Blog, Wiki and Support Centre.

TradingEye has also released its brand new SEO packages, which enables your business to rank onto the first page of Google and other search engines.